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Paul Chuck

Paul Chuck

Berkeley, CA
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Paul Chuck is a cyclist from Berkeley, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 220
  • 440
  • 660
  • 880
  • 1100
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 70.3mi
  • 4h 37m
  • 5,246ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Speed Chute near North Boundry
  • PR on Speed Chute thru Cattle Ranch Hill
  • 2nd fastest time on Wiget to Blackstone - Safe
  • 2nd fastest time on Northgate - Stop Sign to Boundary


Distance 6,941.3mi
Time 425h 50m
Elevation Gain 427,831ft
Rides 161


Total Distance 41,928.8mi
Total Time 2665h 13m
Total Elev Gain 3,003,333ft
Total Rides 916

Recent Photos

  • The top of Vollmer today. Very windy.
  • It's been too long.
  • So I hit a discarded brake shoe in the bike lane near Castro Valley HS and do an endo and land on the side of my face. My Oakleys save me but caused a pretty nasty cut near my eye. Bleeding like a stuck pig. Tenants came out with first aid supplies and BBC guys help me clean up pretty nicely. Caused a double tubeless flat so called the boys for a ride and waiting in the parking lot under the CVHS solar panels. Will live to ride tomorrow.
  • Great recovery meal.
  • We're done with the 107 mile Marin Century. Riding with my best buddies is always great. John Emery turned off early but kept us company all day.
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast burrito and bagel for lunch in Boulder Creek with my buds.
  • Breaking bread together.
  • This is why we ride to PRS.
  • Bike ready for Marshall and Point Reyes Station.
  • Water stop at Sibley.
  • They are not considered donuts if you buy them from a French Patisserie. They are NOT for me and they are Victory Donuts for Game 2.
Oh how I love my family.
  • Baby just got new shoes!
Blew out rear tubeless coming down Elysian Fields and slashed tire. Thank you Robinsons for having a cheap tire and tube setup for 32.00. Fixed and on my way home.
  • 90 miles in 5 hours and made the 12:25 back to Berkeley.
  • Coffee, rosemary puff, and. SWorks bike. I have the perfect life.
  • Window in van fixed, picking up car at dealer, and now it's time for a little coffee break. Traveling with a full backpack is a challenge.
  • Beautiful day up on Vollmer Peak.
  • Nice ride today with Dave.
  • Racks are empty here in Danville. Guess I'm late. 25 more miles and I'm home. Long day today.
  • View from the LHS. Its going to be foggy tomorrow.
  • Carl...don't tell Josh.
  • Josh....left something for you by the fence post with the chain on it.
  • Poppies galore.
  • Coffee and PBJ. I've been asked for cigarettes twice in the last five minutes.
  • Windy at Inspiration today.
  • Sunol break. Ice cream, fig newtons, apple juice.
  • Another beaut!
  • #foodgal...jealous?
  • It's been awhile since I've been up here. Beautiful after the rain yesterday.
  • Floyd on Morgan Territory Road.
  • Clayton rest stop. Morgan to go.
  • My food blog for Matt McHugh.
  • Liane on Collier.
  • Old friends ride again. 25 down and 75 to go.
  • It starts windy, gusty day up here on Vollmer . Rude to ride up South Park on a CX bike when it's blowing.
  • Half way. 52 miles and 5200 feet. Time for some food#barsareboring
  • Chinese New Year afterparty. I was strong and had two tangerines and a cup of coffee.
  • Landscape mode.
  • Bovine Birthday Ride.
  • I photoshopped myself on.
  • Rest stop.
  • Team mates from Florida. Greg and Sheila Cousins.
  • Getting ready some gravel.
  • San Leandro water stop. Next stop....Bette's Bake Shop.
  • Starting ride at dark o'clock.
  • Harris Grade rest stop.
  • SRAM Support. Thank you Roger.
  • Off for an afternoon stroll. Must've 70ish.
  • It's all about the snack 'bout the snack, 'bout the snack Mr. McHugh.
  • CX bike today in honor of all of you at CX Nationals.
  • My. Diablo in its glory!  Hi Carl from Volmer Peak.
  • View from the tool of Manzanita. Hello Carl!
  • Packing home a fresh Acme baguette.
  • Bens. LSD ride to IN and OUT.
  • New Year's tide buddies.
  • Mid ride snack.
  • Mt. Vision
  • Bovine No.5
  • Near Orchard Traul
  • Beautiful day!
  • Heaven?
  • 21.8 lbs. of food in the backpack. Made the ride home a good workout. Add in the headwind and I'm knackered.
  • Jennie Phillips at the top of West Alpine.
  • Tennessee Valley Beach
  • BERKELEY Half Marathon today. Course Marshall at work. Might as well stop for coffee.
  • Sisters and Misters
  • Uvas Canyon Park on our cool down ride.
  • Jennie Phillips
  • Nothing like a little dirt for a pre Hill Climb ride.  Mr. Ummy tomorrow.
  • Vollmer Peak. Hi Carl!
  • Lower Wildcat, Meadows, and Inspiration Point.
  • Just came up this trail off if lower Wildcat. So it must be Conlin. Pretty steep.
  • Halfway on the Bay Trail ride with Floyd. Hot chocolate and a Payday.
  • Too much fog so no Angels flying.
  • Coffee tastes better with a free Clif Bar.
  • MF bee stung me on the bridge of my nose. Sucker smarts.
  • East ridge  is beautiful
  • HI CARL!
  • Port Costa
  • R$R with the boys.
  • Slyview
  • Skyline Trail
  • Time for East Ridge
  • My. Diablo from Vollmer Peak
  • west Ridge
  • Bad accident at Spruce and Eunice.
  • Fast Freddie Fondo in Benecia.
  • At The Station
  • A little more than halfway....55 and 5.5K. Time for a break.
  • Rest stop.
  • East ridge
  • Where am I?
  • Bridge crossing.
  • Harmony Bar and water stop.
  • For Josh D. I know you're in Utah for Nationals and probably miss Vollmer Peak already. So here's some motivation from me to you!
  • Thank you Paul McKenzie for the "most excellent" wheel build! Straight as an arrow and pot has silk.
  • Top of Tam
  • Me and my buddy Dave Alpine Dam.
  • Does it taste better in a cardboard cup or a bowl?
  • Waiting
  • Go time
  • Why ride in the East Bay?
  • San gregariousstore.
  • Foggy in Berkeley.
  • Yes....very foggy.
  • At the top of Gruzzly Prak.
  • I had to stop and share.
  • It's 40% in two spots and we need to get up this to get back to the house. I refuse to walk so it goes to show Liane is the smart one.
  • Happy
  • Out rising with Liane in Santa Cruz.
  • The Dave Darlington ride. Crockett/ Pig Farm/ Bears.
  • Halfway done. El Toyonal and Bears to go.
  • Top of the last climb of the day.