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Potatoe Tops

Ride Segment Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
  • 0.3km
  • -3%
    Avg Grade
  • 350m
    Lowest Elev
  • 365m
    Highest Elev
  • 15m
    Elev Difference
  • 12,777 Attempts By 3,316 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Lester Perry 38.0km/h 22W 34s
1 Jonny O G. 38.0km/h 141W 34s
3 Andrew H. 36.9km/h - 35s
3 Strava A. 36.9km/h 71W 35s
3 Andy B. 36.9km/h 221W 35s
3 Mr M. 36.9km/h 295W 35s
3 Catch Me If You Can 36.9km/h 156W 35s
8 Super Tron 35.9km/h 184W 36s
8 Dave Sharpe 35.9km/h - 36s
8 Elliot Pearce 35.9km/h 144W 36s
8 Wayne W. 35.9km/h 123W 36s
12 Leonard Sonntag 34.9km/h 247W 37s
12 Kev W. 34.9km/h 241W 37s
12 Matt Knox 34.9km/h - 37s
12 Michael R. 34.9km/h 126W 37s
12 Keegan Wright 34.9km/h 174W 37s
12 Carl P. 34.9km/h - 37s
12 rob macann 34.9km/h 242W 37s
12 Lyrrad Church 34.9km/h 221W 37s
12 Louis Hamilton 34.9km/h - 37s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Harriet B. 31.5km/h 154W 41s
1 Jaenine Badenhorst 31.5km/h - 41s
3 Amanda Monk 30.8km/h - 42s
3 donna pickard 30.8km/h 145W 42s
5 Charlotte Rayner 30.1km/h 125W 43s
5 The T. 30.1km/h 92W 43s
5 Lauren H. 30.1km/h 70W 43s
8 Nood Les 29.4km/h 197W 44s
8 Miss Siggy 29.4km/h - 44s
8 Jenna M. 29.4km/h 73W 44s
8 Rachel JubJub Skill 29.4km/h 84W 44s
12 sarah beadel 28.7km/h 151W 45s
12 Lisa Farrell 28.7km/h 110W 45s
12 Hope Huckedit 28.7km/h 191W 45s
12 An Eighty Y. 28.7km/h 61W 45s
12 Madame C. 28.7km/h 64W 45s
12 Em V. 28.7km/h 10W 45s
12 Gayle B. 28.7km/h 79W 45s
19 Kim Barnett 28.1km/h 106W 46s
19 Leah Childs 28.1km/h 152W 46s