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Crissy Field climb: Mason to Lincoln

Ride Segment San Francisco, CA
  • 0.2km
  • 7%
    Avg Grade
  • -71m
    Lowest Elev
  • -57m
    Highest Elev
  • 14m
    Elev Difference
  • 189,180 Attempts By 21,633 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 San FrAnon 48.5km/h 1,124W Powermeter 15s
2 Matt Herrmann 45.5km/h 203W 16s
2 Phil Montgomery 45.5km/h 265W 16s
2 Derek Crovo 45.5km/h 58W 16s
2 jeff simmons 45.5km/h 80W 16s
2 Curt Olinger 45.5km/h - 16s
2 William Rossiter 45.5km/h 360W 16s
2 Bremner Morris 45.5km/h 236W 16s
2 Derek J. 45.5km/h 332W 16s
2 Aaron Allen 45.5km/h 106W Powermeter 16s
11 Kevin Lochner 42.8km/h 436W 17s
11 Tom Taylor 42.8km/h 105W 17s
11 Nate S. 42.8km/h 260W 17s
11 Alec C. 42.8km/h 65W 17s
11 Jeff Cullen 42.8km/h 281W 17s
11 Chris Kennelly 42.8km/h - 17s
11 Bret Lobree 42.8km/h 197W 17s
11 Eric G. 42.8km/h 147W 17s
11 Joe Lee 42.8km/h 279W 17s
11 Chris Merola 42.8km/h 1,104W Powermeter 17s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Sherilly .. 45.5km/h 70W 16s
2 Sarah Oliver 42.8km/h - 17s
2 Pam M. 42.8km/h 72W 17s
4 Lauren G. 40.4km/h 26W 18s
5 Kumiko Morishita 38.3km/h - 19s
5 Kristine Santaniello 38.3km/h - 19s
7 kj janiszewski 36.4km/h 96W 20s
8 Kathrin Blatter 27.0km/h 451W 27s
8 Galina M. 27.0km/h 407W 27s
10 Carmen H. 26.0km/h 265W 28s
10 Jack Wall 26.0km/h 482W 28s
10 Jenn C. 26.0km/h - 28s
13 Lindsay Dwyer 25.1km/h 621W 29s
14 Susan Fish 24.3km/h 37W 30s
14 Jessica LaPonsey 24.3km/h 373W 30s
14 Annie V. 24.3km/h 481W 30s
14 Claudia Z. 24.3km/h 572W 30s
14 Mo B. 24.3km/h 477W 30s
14 Daphne K. 24.3km/h 481W Powermeter 30s
14 Jeanie B. 24.3km/h 536W 30s