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th St Climb

Ride Segment Boulder, CO
  • Distance 0.3km
  • Avg Grade 2%
  • Lowest Elev 1,710m
  • Highest Elev 1,716m
  • Elev Difference 7m
  • 89,742 Attempts By 7,814 People

Fastest Times

Mike Wells
Mike Wells
KOM 23s 10 Jun 2015
Katie C.
Katie C.
QOM 36s 26 Jul 2014
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Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Mike Wells 56.9km/h 1,190W 23s
2 Alex Ranum 54.5km/h 378W 24s
2 Geoffrey Mina 54.5km/h 0W Powermeter 24s
4 Dave Wright 50.3km/h 185W 26s
5 Rob M. 48.4km/h 667W 27s
5 K Mac 48.4km/h 243W 27s
7 Mike S. 46.7km/h 510W 28s
7 Benjamin Buren 46.7km/h 766W 28s
7 Matthew Hargarten 46.7km/h 763W 28s
10 Frank Overton 45.1km/h 0W Powermeter 29s
11 Eli Z. 43.6km/h 552W 30s
11 Nick Traggis 43.6km/h 90W Powermeter 30s
11 Brian Williams 43.6km/h 495W 30s
11 Andy Evans 43.6km/h 412W 30s
11 Spencer Martin 43.6km/h 451W 30s
16 Garrett Sattler 42.2km/h 581W 31s
17 Alexander Kowalsky 40.9km/h 418W Powermeter 32s
18 Erik Hamilton 39.6km/h 446W 33s
18 David Burger 39.6km/h 577W 33s
18 Jesse Anthony 39.6km/h 368W Powermeter 33s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Katie C. 36.3km/h 223W 36s
2 Lauren D. 32.7km/h 165W Powermeter 40s
3 Alexis Skarda 31.1km/h - 42s
4 Maggie Lubanko 30.4km/h - 43s
4 Alaina M. 30.4km/h - 43s
6 Courtney Clark 29.7km/h 238W 44s
6 Maria P. 29.7km/h 224W 44s
8 Tracey M. 29.1km/h 257W 45s
8 Evelyn Stevens 29.1km/h 282W 45s
8 Marlijne Cook 29.1km/h 292W 45s
8 Gretchen A. 29.1km/h 198W 45s
8 Adelaide Perr 29.1km/h 154W Powermeter 45s
8 Paisley S. 29.1km/h 171W Powermeter 45s
14 Sabrina D. 28.4km/h 198W Powermeter 46s
14 Katie Macarelli 28.4km/h 256W 46s
14 Michele N. 28.4km/h 291W 46s
14 Becca Schepps 28.4km/h 226W Powermeter 46s
14 Tess Amer 28.4km/h 164W 46s
14 Rae Brownsberger Miller 28.4km/h 187W 46s