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CyclingTips presents Amy's Wall powered by Subaru

Ride Segment Lorne, VIC, Australia
  • 0.1km
  • 15%
    Avg Grade
  • 23m
    Lowest Elev
  • 44m
    Highest Elev
  • 21m
    Elev Difference
  • 1,146 Attempts By 684 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Kell O. 34.3km/h 745W 14s
2 Tom Leaper 32.0km/h 1,029W Powermeter 15s
2 Dion Wilkes 32.0km/h 682W 15s
4 Ashley B. 30.0km/h 985W 16s
4 Rohan Williams 30.0km/h 707W 16s
4 Joseph W. 30.0km/h 633W 16s
4 Daniel S. 30.0km/h 854W Powermeter 16s
8 Courtenay L. 28.2km/h 511W 17s
8 David Worth 28.2km/h - 17s
8 Justin Hogan 28.2km/h 761W 17s
11 Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500 26.6km/h 434W 18s
11 Nathan W. 26.6km/h 595W 18s
11 Nick L. 26.6km/h 580W Powermeter 18s
11 Rod Stanton 26.6km/h 841W 18s
11 Paul E. 26.6km/h 530W 18s
16 Matt D. 25.2km/h 725W 19s
16 Julien F. 25.2km/h 864W Powermeter 19s
16 John O. 25.2km/h 465W 19s
16 CyclingTips CyclingTips 25.2km/h 654W 19s
16 Green Frog 25.2km/h 947W 19s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Denise S. 16.5km/h 177W 29s
1 Lisa J. 16.5km/h 508W Powermeter 29s
3 Penny Brown 16.0km/h 376W Powermeter 30s
3 Annie Mollison 16.0km/h 342W 30s
5 Tanya M. 14.1km/h 421W Powermeter 34s
6 Molly Patch 13.7km/h 296W 35s
7 Eleisha L. 13.0km/h 299W 37s
8 Valerie C. 12.6km/h 223W 38s
9 Natalie Sheffield 12.3km/h 228W 39s
9 Ingrid Jukes 12.3km/h 270W 39s
9 Sue Ann M. 12.3km/h 299W 39s
12 Tessa Fabry 12.0km/h 347W 40s
12 Julie C. 12.0km/h 280W 40s
14 Anna T. 11.7km/h 200W 41s
14 Nicole Weckert 11.7km/h 335W 41s
16 Verita Stewart 11.4km/h 316W Powermeter 42s
16 Hazey P. 11.4km/h 167W 42s
16 Celine R. 11.4km/h 323W 42s
19 Kristina V. 11.2km/h 313W 43s
19 Laura O Driscoll 11.2km/h 304W 43s