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Blackfriars Bridge Sprint - Northbound

Ride Segment City Of London, Greater London, United Kingdom
  • 0.3km
  • 2%
    Avg Grade
  • 6m
    Lowest Elev
  • 15m
    Highest Elev
  • 8m
    Elev Difference
  • 90,722 Attempts By 8,624 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Greg Russell 57.0km/h 703W 25s
1 Piers M 57.0km/h 513W 25s
1 Ben Lewis 57.0km/h 203W 25s
4 James Elliott 54.8km/h 151W 26s
5 Nikolay Grabchev 52.8km/h - 27s
5 Jon Hicks :: Blazing Saddles Cycles 52.8km/h 422W 27s
5 Marcus Booth 52.8km/h - 27s
9 Phil Attaway 50.9km/h 484W 28s
9 Phil T. 50.9km/h 204W 28s
12 George Watson 49.1km/h - 29s
12 Will C. 49.1km/h 605W 29s
12 Jason Woolfe 49.1km/h 524W Powermeter 29s
12 Christopher Dixon 49.1km/h 239W 29s
12 Neil L. 49.1km/h 640W 29s
12 Tom Close 49.1km/h 276W 29s
12 Frank D. 49.1km/h 324W 29s
12 Colin S. 49.1km/h 451W 29s
12 Nick Carroll 49.1km/h 596W 29s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Rachel Dakin 41.9km/h 78W 34s
2 Mrs P. 40.7km/h 434W 35s
3 Jessica Ditt 39.6km/h - 36s
4 Abigail Mawson 38.5km/h - 37s
4 Bella L. 38.5km/h - 37s
4 Clare Callery 38.5km/h 203W 37s
7 Saffy Waters 37.5km/h - 38s
7 Lucy M. 37.5km/h 407W 38s
7 Karen Cleverly 37.5km/h 272W 38s
10 Nong Udyanin 36.5km/h 171W 39s
11 Sophie E. 35.6km/h 255W 40s
12 Suzanne J. 34.8km/h - 41s
12 Emma Mac 34.8km/h 261W 41s
12 Lucy G. 34.8km/h 160W 41s
17 Mia Dellocca 33.9km/h 78W 42s
17 Laura K. 33.9km/h 158W 42s
17 Kate S. 33.9km/h 315W 42s
17 Jennifer G. 33.9km/h 258W 42s