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Boggs 8hr 2010 lap

Ride Segment Middletown, CA
  • 13.1km
  • -0%
    Avg Grade
  • 899m
    Lowest Elev
  • 1,141m
    Highest Elev
  • 242m
    Elev Difference
  • 785 Attempts By 219 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
John J. 20.0km/h 270W 39:11
Michael Z. 19.9km/h 171W 39:26
The O. 19.4km/h 237W 40:29
Alex Kramer 19.2km/h 228W 40:42
Chris M. 18.8km/h 156W 41:40
Josh D. 18.8km/h 200W 41:43
E Saw E Ahs B. 18.7km/h 155W 41:49
Jason M. 18.6km/h 198W 42:13
David B. 18.5km/h 221W 42:21
Mike H 18.2km/h 158W 43:07
David Gonzales 18.0km/h 257W 43:25
Phil sonoma bike guides 18.0km/h 185W 43:37
Curt K. 17.9km/h 184W 43:39
Colby P. 17.9km/h 113W 43:53
Michael J. 17.8km/h - 44:07
Mike Macedonio 17.7km/h 180W 44:18
Benjamin Floyd 17.7km/h 201W 44:19
Strava A. 17.5km/h 174W 44:47
John Raedeke 17.4km/h 196W 44:59
Christopher Rhodes 17.4km/h 125W 44:59

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Natalia G. 15.6km/h 108W 50:16
Amy Padula 15.0km/h 142W 52:08
Nicole D. 14.9km/h 123W 52:41
Pam Masterson 14.0km/h 118W 55:58
Heather Pugh 13.5km/h 104W 57:56
Lori Fabris 13.4km/h 100W 58:38
May Woo 13.0km/h 75W 1:00:09
Cyndie Gillingham 13.0km/h - 1:00:16
Melissa Murphy 12.9km/h 107W 1:00:51
Patricia D. 11.9km/h 88W 1:05:37
Cassiopeia S. 11.0km/h 73W 1:11:06
Janet Wagner 10.6km/h 83W 1:13:36
Shred C. 10.5km/h 84W 1:14:31
Nancy H. 10.5km/h 70W 1:14:37
Christina H. 9.8km/h - 1:20:08
Julie Goldzman 8.7km/h 124W 1:29:54
jordan faulds 7.8km/h 63W 1:40:43
Freudal F. 6.3km/h 55W 2:03:35
Carrie Edwards 5.6km/h 91W 2:20:46
Asa Salas 5.1km/h 92W 2:34:32