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Brooklands Mountain

Ride Segment Cobham, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • 2.1km
  • 1%
    Avg Grade
  • 9m
    Lowest Elev
  • 34m
    Highest Elev
  • 26m
    Elev Difference
  • 7,476 Attempts By 1,712 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Sebastian Ader - 42.5km/h 415W Powermeter 2:54
Gareth T. 41.8km/h 374W Powermeter 2:57
Peter Mollison 40.7km/h 375W 3:02
Alex Scutt 40.7km/h 411W 3:02
Henry Whicheloe 40.4km/h 436W 3:03
Steve Irwin 40.2km/h 375W Powermeter 3:04
Rob S. 40.0km/h 410W Powermeter 3:05
Phil Ember 39.8km/h 375W 3:06
Jim Ley 39.8km/h 374W Powermeter 3:06
David M. 39.8km/h 378W Powermeter 3:06
Damien B. 39.6km/h - 3:07
Aaron O. 39.6km/h 416W 3:07
Colin G. 39.1km/h 367W 3:09
Paul M. 39.1km/h 399W 3:09
Ma551m0 5a3tta ♛ 38.7km/h 320W 3:11
Johnny Rogers 38.5km/h 387W 3:12
Wes Swaffer 38.5km/h - 3:12
Matthew C. 38.5km/h - 3:12
Rupert Gordon-Watkins 38.3km/h 365W 3:13
Nicholas G. 38.1km/h 346W 3:14

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Tracy M. 37.6km/h 265W Powermeter 3:17
Jasmijn M. 37.0km/h 252W Powermeter 3:20
Maryka Sennema 36.6km/h - 3:22
Maria T. 32.6km/h 235W 3:47
Lisa G. 31.9km/h 248W 3:52
Georgie P. 31.2km/h 211W 3:57
Alice L. 31.1km/h 235W 3:58
Karen O. 28.9km/h - 4:16
Sophie Curle 28.8km/h 189W 4:17
Toria J. 28.5km/h 187W 4:20
Mathilde P. 28.5km/h 223W 4:20
julie chasin 28.0km/h - 4:24
Sol F. 27.7km/h 184W 4:27
Charlotte Saunders 27.5km/h 287W 4:29
Colette K. 27.5km/h 206W 4:29
Courtenay Hallwood 27.1km/h 171W 4:33
Katherine T. 26.9km/h 183W 4:35
Robyn C. 26.9km/h 183W Powermeter 4:35
Gaby S. 26.9km/h 156W 4:35