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Col du Tol

Ride Segment Zwaagdijk, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
  • 0.3km
  • 1%
    Avg Grade
  • 5m
    Lowest Elev
  • 10m
    Highest Elev
  • 5m
    Elev Difference
  • 4,228 Attempts By 691 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Richard Koorn 59.2km/h 791W 20s
2 Nick L. 56.4km/h 835W 21s
2 Sander K. 56.4km/h 816W Powermeter 21s
2 Paul B. 56.4km/h 324W 21s
2 Ariën S. 56.4km/h 785W 21s
6 Peter Aker 51.5km/h 828W 23s
6 Peter Krapels 51.5km/h 575W Powermeter 23s
6 Björn Schouten 51.5km/h 517W 23s
6 Egbert van Wezenbeek 51.5km/h 484W 23s
6 Rogier Scheewe 51.5km/h 445W 23s
6 Francesco Rave 51.5km/h 549W 23s
6 Marcel Bleeker 51.5km/h 367W 23s
6 Johan B. 51.5km/h 462W 23s
14 Ron Schrama 49.3km/h 356W 24s
14 Peter Vlaar 49.3km/h - 24s
14 Martin B. 49.3km/h 454W 24s
14 Flower Exorcism 49.3km/h 349W 24s
14 Jeroen K. 49.3km/h 702W 24s
14 toine groot ( NL ) 49.3km/h 405W 24s
14 S D 49.3km/h 412W 24s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Vera K. 43.9km/h - 27s
2 Linda Swag 39.5km/h - 30s
2 Marian S. 39.5km/h 181W 30s
2 Jacqueline Postma 39.5km/h 171W 30s
5 Sharon A. 38.2km/h 362W 31s
6 Dorien Deen 37.0km/h 137W 32s
7 Saskia V. 35.9km/h 167W 33s
8 Diana F. 33.8km/h - 35s
9 Karin Van Hoorn-schenk 31.2km/h 112W 38s
10 jip van den Bos 30.4km/h 135W 39s
10 Gabrielle de Jong 30.4km/h - 39s
12 lucienne Dekker 29.6km/h 83W 40s
13 Isabelle Otte 28.9km/h 83W 41s
13 Ruth Visser 28.9km/h 190W 41s
13 Marielle Wagemaker-lakeman 28.9km/h - 41s
16 Margreet de Wit 28.2km/h - 42s
16 Helma Verdonschot 28.2km/h 76W 42s
18 Daisy De Waal 26.9km/h - 44s
18 Froukje Mijnen 26.9km/h 80W 44s
18 Renate van Doorn-Lakeman 26.9km/h 71W 44s