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Fishinger Road Little Grade

Ride Segment Columbus, OH
  • 0.6km
  • 2%
    Avg Grade
  • 236m
    Lowest Elev
  • 251m
    Highest Elev
  • 15m
    Elev Difference
  • 2,618 Attempts By 307 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Hendra P. 52.3km/h 350W Powermeter 43s
Basil Swad 50.0km/h 515W 45s
Jack M. 50.0km/h 267W 45s
Joe Ipacs 48.9km/h 838W 46s
Jason Wilson 48.9km/h 361W Powermeter 46s
Kevin Henschel 47.9km/h 685W 47s
Andy E. 47.9km/h 654W 47s
Roy Munson 46.9km/h 655W Powermeter 48s
Dan Twaddell 46.9km/h 665W 48s
Evan Mesterházy 46.9km/h 592W 48s
Geoffrey Albert 45.9km/h 643W 49s
Paul d'Hyver 45.9km/h 667W 49s
Perry Roobay 45.0km/h 618W 50s
Andrew Suchocki 44.1km/h 359W Powermeter 51s
Steve Quelette 42.5km/h 564W 53s
Drake Sneed 42.5km/h 359W 53s
Isaac M. 42.5km/h 589W 53s
Kyle Zander 42.5km/h 526W 53s
Ben Padilla 41.7km/h 536W 54s
Gabe Moss 41.7km/h 461W Powermeter 54s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Sarah Puchala 38.8km/h - 58s
Marilyn Rayner 37.5km/h 515W 1:00
Erin S. 35.2km/h 381W 1:04
Julia Wu 34.6km/h 349W 1:05
Deanna Noelle 34.6km/h 297W 1:05
Shannon T. 34.1km/h 496W 1:06
Lori Nedescu 31.7km/h 294W 1:11
Kristen Arnold 29.6km/h 220W 1:16
Amanda Wendorff 28.1km/h 213W Powermeter 1:20
Julie Kennel 27.8km/h 151W 1:21
jenn burton 26.8km/h - 1:24
Sherry N. 26.2km/h - 1:26
Mallory Travis 25.9km/h 295W 1:27
Hollis Lyman 25.9km/h - 1:27
Cheryl Shaeffer 25.0km/h 215W 1:30
Annie Y. 23.9km/h 170W 1:34
Sara Knight 23.4km/h - 1:36
Frances F. 23.2km/h 152W 1:37
cynthia lima 22.5km/h - 1:40
Katherine G. 22.5km/h 161W 1:40