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Galloping Goose: McKenzie to Creed

Ride Segment Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 3.7km
  • 0%
    Avg Grade
  • -5m
    Lowest Elev
  • 16m
    Highest Elev
  • 22m
    Elev Difference
  • 11,867 Attempts By 1,433 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Rob Britton 39.6km/h 360W Powermeter 5:37
Don D 39.4km/h 292W 5:39
Kyle Denny 38.1km/h 288W 5:50
Trevor Stothard 38.1km/h 297W 5:50
Justa G. 38.0km/h 281W 5:51
Rory O'Connell 38.0km/h 324W 5:51
Geoff Robson 37.8km/h 299W Powermeter 5:53
Mr W. 37.8km/h 299W 5:53
Jon Johnson 37.7km/h 243W 5:54
Cid Martinez 37.6km/h 343W Powermeter 5:55
John Willcox 37.6km/h 272W 5:55
John Grof 37.5km/h 294W 5:56
Henri De Boever 37.4km/h 359W 5:57
mike dawson 37.3km/h 294W 5:58
David H. 37.2km/h 284W 5:59
Peter W. 37.2km/h 230W Powermeter 5:59
Justin Bailey 37.1km/h 262W 6:00
Leif Keithley 37.0km/h 299W 6:01
isaac leblanc 36.9km/h 292W 6:02
Matthew Hornland 36.9km/h 223W 6:02

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Rhonda Callender 36.7km/h 252W 6:04
Gillian Carleton 36.7km/h 204W Powermeter 6:04
Sandra H. 36.5km/h 240W 6:06
Anika Todd 34.2km/h 212W 6:30
Mega Rath 33.9km/h 224W 6:34
Jenny Lehmann 33.7km/h - 6:36
Jenni F. 33.5km/h 180W 6:38
Meghan Grant 33.4km/h 198W 6:40
Chum L. 32.9km/h 186W 6:46
K B. 32.9km/h 168W 6:46
Shannon B. 32.7km/h 198W 6:48
glenowyn carlson 32.6km/h 182W 6:50
Elizabeth Thors 32.3km/h - 6:53
Jody Pavesic 32.3km/h - 6:53
Jen D. 32.2km/h 189W 6:54
Kate R. 31.9km/h 181W 6:58
caitlin francis 31.6km/h 160W 7:02
Brianna Brandon 31.6km/h 149W 7:03
Carlin L. 31.5km/h 151W 7:04
ALEXIS HOSH 31.5km/h 166W 7:04