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Headley Road to Epsom TT

Ride Segment Mole Valley District, Surrey, UK, England, United Kingdom
  • 15.2km
  • -0%
    Avg Grade
  • 4m
    Lowest Elev
  • 154m
    Highest Elev
  • 151m
    Elev Difference
  • 3,545 Attempts By 1,388 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Steve Irwin 37.6km/h 292W Powermeter 24:14
Wouter Sybrandy 36.8km/h 300W Powermeter 24:43
Chris Loake 35.1km/h 299W 25:57
Louis Suggett (Sigma Sport-BodyMechanics) 34.7km/h 276W 26:15
Michael Farlie 34.6km/h 228W Powermeter 26:19
Ross Muir 34.5km/h 258W 26:23
Matt B. 34.5km/h 264W 26:26
Hugh Mackenzie 34.0km/h 241W 26:46
andrius jaks Ⓥ 33.9km/h 224W 26:50
Stuart B. 33.9km/h 260W 26:52
Oliver C. 33.7km/h 251W 27:01
Kris D. 33.7km/h 239W 27:01
Liam M. 33.7km/h 254W Powermeter 27:03
Matthew Halvatzis 33.6km/h 244W 27:05
Andy E. 33.5km/h 235W 27:09
Ian P. 33.5km/h 233W 27:13
Simon Menzies-Conacher 33.3km/h 244W 27:23
Christopher Morrison 33.3km/h 271W Powermeter 27:23
Iain P. 33.2km/h 256W Powermeter 27:28
Rubiks D. 33.2km/h - 27:28

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Emma T. 30.4km/h 227W Powermeter 29:56
Sophie Curle 30.4km/h 210W 29:57
Maryka Sennema 30.0km/h 163W Powermeter 30:23
Mathilde P. 29.4km/h 166W 30:59
Maria T. 29.0km/h 166W 31:26
Nikki E. 28.9km/h - 31:28
Alice L. 28.8km/h 185W 31:40
Emily B. 28.7km/h - 31:46
Greta Cowen 28.4km/h 155W 32:06
Katherine W. 28.1km/h 154W 32:24
Trish Keegan 27.6km/h 183W 33:00
Lottie P. 27.2km/h - 33:32
Courtenay Hallwood 27.1km/h 157W 33:39
Aya Stevens 26.9km/h 142W 33:54
Amelia Darley 26.8km/h 185W 34:00
Susan H. 26.7km/h - 34:10
Laura C. 26.5km/h 149W 34:22
Iona Brown 26.5km/h 147W 34:23
Moira L. 25.9km/h 140W 35:09
Monica Da Polenza 25.8km/h 154W 35:16