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Jollys Lookout TT. GCClimbers

Ride Segment The Gap, QLD, Australia
  • 16.3km
  • 3%
    Avg Grade
  • 73m
    Lowest Elev
  • 512m
    Highest Elev
  • 438m
    Elev Difference
  • 5,811 Attempts By 2,282 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Correy Edmed 27.9km/h 317W Powermeter 35:03
David Melville 27.1km/h 328W Powermeter 36:04
Herzo . 26.9km/h - 36:21
Kurtis B. 26.9km/h 301W 36:22
Clint Sloan 26.6km/h - 36:47
Matt King 26.6km/h 321W Powermeter 36:49
Andrew Keller@ M.I.A. - Rouge Coffee 26.5km/h 333W 36:54
Alex Q. 26.4km/h 318W Powermeter 37:04
Doug Freeburn 26.3km/h 306W Powermeter 37:09
Cam . 26.2km/h 285W Powermeter 37:18
Adam A. 26.2km/h 285W Powermeter 37:24
Tim McDonnell 25.9km/h 311W 37:43
Callum O'Sullivan 25.9km/h 331W Powermeter 37:47
Josh P. 25.7km/h 276W 38:01
Dave M. 25.6km/h 350W Powermeter 38:09
Kurt N. 25.5km/h 282W 38:20
RAM 131 25.5km/h 261W Powermeter 38:23
beej albany 25.5km/h 273W Powermeter 38:23
James H. 25.4km/h 317W Powermeter 38:30
Chris Myatt 25.4km/h 324W 38:30

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Jasmin H. 24.4km/h 265W 40:10
Katrin G. 23.6km/h 232W Powermeter 41:30
Gillian Backhouse 22.7km/h 250W Powermeter 43:02
Sarah C. 22.3km/h 215W 43:48
Jessica Toghill 21.9km/h 244W Powermeter 44:36
Ryde M. 21.5km/h 186W Powermeter 45:34
Belinda W. 21.4km/h 205W 45:39
Amanda H. 21.4km/h 242W 45:41
Kimbob P. 21.3km/h 229W 46:00
Linda O'Connor 21.1km/h 221W 46:24
Jemma B. 21.0km/h 199W 46:29
Emma M. 21.0km/h 250W 46:33
Miss D. 20.7km/h 207W 47:19
Zanne 131 20.6km/h 207W Powermeter 47:25
Kerry W. 20.6km/h 136W Powermeter 47:34
Superfast J. 20.5km/h 166W Powermeter 47:41
Jayne K. 20.4km/h 201W 47:56
Sammy D. 20.4km/h 176W 48:01
M J. 20.3km/h 173W 48:07
Faye G. 20.3km/h 232W 48:12