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Louisville Crit

Ride Segment Louisville, CO
  • 1.2km
  • -0%
    Avg Grade
  • 1,617m
    Lowest Elev
  • 1,630m
    Highest Elev
  • 13m
    Elev Difference
  • 11,445 Attempts By 384 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Diran A. 52.8km/h 585W 1:23
TJS S 51.0km/h 386W Powermeter 1:26
Colby Pearce 51.0km/h 324W Powermeter 1:26
Mahting Putelis 50.4km/h 436W Powermeter 1:27
Andrew Hemesath 50.4km/h 559W 1:27
Derek Teuscher 49.8km/h 389W 1:28
Pat W. 49.8km/h 361W Powermeter 1:28
ben berden 49.8km/h 509W 1:28
Matt Charity 49.8km/h 529W 1:28
Aaron Bouplon 49.3km/h 533W 1:29
Kevin Mullervy 49.3km/h - 1:29
Jon Moro 49.3km/h 289W Powermeter 1:29
Chuck Coyle 49.3km/h 532W 1:29
Andrew Clemence 49.3km/h 411W Powermeter 1:29
Brett Tack 49.3km/h 515W 1:29
Eric S Steele 48.7km/h 484W 1:30
Dick R. 48.7km/h 277W Powermeter 1:30
Anthony C. 48.7km/h 487W 1:30
Scott Tietzel 48.7km/h 358W Powermeter 1:30
Jorge E. 48.7km/h 543W 1:30

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Rachel Scott 45.7km/h - 1:36
Kate Powlison 44.7km/h 386W 1:38
Molly V. 44.7km/h 382W 1:38
Meredith Miller 44.3km/h 396W 1:39
Joan O. 43.8km/h 292W 1:40
Jennifer W. 43.8km/h 248W Powermeter 1:40
Elizabeth Stinson 43.4km/h 293W Powermeter 1:41
Nicole Duke 42.1km/h 307W 1:44
Kristen Peterson 41.7km/h 245W Powermeter 1:45
Annalisa Fish 40.6km/h 266W Powermeter 1:48
Susan Hersey 40.2km/h - 1:49
Kimberley T. 39.9km/h 370W 1:50
Elena A. 39.9km/h 258W 1:50
Naked R. 39.5km/h 276W 1:51
Brittany Jones 39.5km/h 267W 1:51
Katie Macarelli 39.1km/h 278W 1:52
Tiffany G 39.1km/h 157W Powermeter 1:52
Shelley Nelson 39.1km/h - 1:52
Sandra N. 38.8km/h 219W Powermeter 1:53
Emily Zinn 38.8km/h 308W 1:53