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Mount Charlie Descent

Ride Segment Los Gatos, CA
  • 6.3km
  • -5%
    Avg Grade
  • 244m
    Lowest Elev
  • 571m
    Highest Elev
  • 327m
    Elev Difference
  • 2,360 Attempts By 661 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Rob Wesson 42.4km/h 196W 8:54
Nicholas R. 41.7km/h 200W 9:03
Simon F. 41.4km/h 77W 9:06
Eric Horton 41.4km/h 234W 9:06
Dave Schindehette 41.4km/h 75W 9:07
Ben Jacques-Maynes 41.1km/h 132W 9:11
Zach Brown 40.3km/h 219W Powermeter 9:21
Gabe Multer 40.1km/h 97W Powermeter 9:24
Joe Buckley 39.8km/h 109W 9:28
Karl Fritzsche 39.7km/h - 9:30
Conner "Big Bear" Kuhns 39.6km/h 264W 9:32
Peter Thomsen 39.2km/h 225W 9:37
chuck teixeira 38.8km/h 196W 9:43
David Matthiessen 38.7km/h 104W 9:44
Marty Mares 38.7km/h 168W 9:45
Brian J. 38.6km/h 210W 9:46
Ant W. 38.6km/h 124W 9:46
sean white 38.5km/h 193W 9:47
Brian Wynn 38.5km/h 147W 9:48

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Carmen D. 37.5km/h - 10:04
Clarice S. 35.9km/h 58W 10:31
Rita J. 34.6km/h 74W 10:54
Megan Melack 34.5km/h 173W 10:55
Casey L. 34.2km/h 178W 11:02
Amanda Schaper 33.9km/h 31W 11:07
Janeen McCrae 33.4km/h 211W 11:18
Andrea Turner 33.3km/h 45W Powermeter 11:20
Kelsey Withrow 32.1km/h - 11:44
joanna petterson 32.1km/h 136W 11:44
Christine Weir 32.1km/h - 11:45
Caro Gomez Villafañe 32.0km/h 68W 11:47
lea davison 31.6km/h 153W 11:55
Cv D. 31.5km/h - 11:58
M Jonez 31.5km/h 159W 11:59
Zora Thomas 31.2km/h 187W 12:04
Sophie Ballo 31.0km/h 146W 12:09
Sonya H. 31.0km/h 190W 12:10
Nicole R. 30.9km/h 75W 12:11
Kate Quay 30.9km/h 28W 12:12