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MTB Strava Segment Challenge

Ride Segment Monterey, CA
  • 0.4km
  • 9%
    Avg Grade
  • 244m
    Lowest Elev
  • 284m
    Highest Elev
  • 40m
    Elev Difference
  • 1,873 Attempts By 1,203 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Jean Louis Bourdevaire /. 15.5km/h 270W 1:38
Imeh Nsek 15.4km/h 355W 1:39
Pacheco B. 15.4km/h 335W 1:39
Joe Pirelli 15.2km/h 395W 1:40
Greg Hillson : Bar Fly 15.2km/h 384W Powermeter 1:40
Sean Bennett 15.2km/h 272W 1:40
Rick Cotter 15.1km/h - 1:41
Kurt Wolfgang 15.1km/h 377W 1:41
Steve H. 14.9km/h 382W 1:42
Raphael Auclair 14.9km/h 373W 1:42
Tofor Lewis 14.9km/h 315W 1:42
Burke Kennedy 14.9km/h 321W 1:42
Brian G. 14.8km/h 308W 1:43
D L. 14.8km/h 341W 1:43
Dax Massey 14.8km/h 313W 1:43
Pain Train 14.6km/h 409W 1:44
Matt Adams 14.6km/h 358W 1:44
Jerry Dufour 14.5km/h 252W 1:45
Bryce Lewis 14.5km/h 296W 1:45
Mason Marlow 14.5km/h 306W 1:45

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Chantel Duliba 10.9km/h 218W 2:20
Kris G. 10.6km/h 217W 2:23
Annie V. 10.6km/h 223W 2:24
Caroline D. 10.2km/h 171W 2:30
Caro Gomez Villafañe 10.1km/h 180W 2:31
Maggie Y. 10.0km/h 165W 2:33
Amber B. 9.9km/h 211W Powermeter 2:34
Petra Kirberg 9.8km/h 190W 2:35
Lindsay Chirdon 9.8km/h 174W 2:36
Tracy Gaucher 9.7km/h 126W 2:37
Julie S. 9.5km/h 135W 2:40
Jane Kerner 9.5km/h 187W 2:40
Naomi H. 9.5km/h 188W 2:41
Cadence Lee 9.4km/h 184W 2:42
pame hwang 9.3km/h 129W 2:43
Ashley Albor 9.3km/h 162W 2:44
Iris Fox 9.3km/h 146W 2:44
Cari L. 9.2km/h 162W 2:45
Liia S. 9.2km/h 165W 2:46
Christie R. 9.2km/h 189W 2:46