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Paradise Loop

Ride Segment San Francisco, CA
  • 55.6km
  • 0%
    Avg Grade
  • -8m
    Lowest Elev
  • 97m
    Highest Elev
  • 105m
    Elev Difference
  • 2,687 Attempts By 1,188 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Malo 1. 35.3km/h 334W 1:34:28
Jonathan Kibera 32.5km/h 188W 1:42:50
Tad B. 31.8km/h 169W 1:44:59
Spencer Collom 31.7km/h 233W Powermeter 1:45:22
Pete Giese 31.2km/h 222W 1:47:04
Virgilio P. 30.8km/h 180W 1:48:23
Cesar Correa 30.8km/h 93W Powermeter 1:48:31
Nich Barresi 30.4km/h 214W 1:49:53
San FrAnon 29.7km/h 218W 1:52:14
Tommy M. 29.5km/h 228W Powermeter 1:53:05
Ernesto Calderin 29.5km/h 259W Powermeter 1:53:19
Tim Farnham 29.1km/h 186W 1:54:37
Oli Ryan 29.1km/h 205W 1:54:38
Jim Haack 29.1km/h 215W 1:54:47
Claudio A. 29.0km/h 146W 1:55:09
Ian O'Connell 28.9km/h 175W 1:55:17
Mark Slavonia 28.9km/h 236W Powermeter 1:55:35
Patrick Dietz 28.6km/h 155W 1:56:42
Ken G. 28.5km/h 175W 1:57:00
Alex Palmer 28.5km/h 160W 1:57:08

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Jessica LaPonsey 25.7km/h 128W 2:10:03
Shanna Sauer 25.2km/h - 2:12:36
Alicia A. 24.9km/h 121W 2:13:50
Bernadette K. 24.3km/h 100W 2:17:19
Ashley F. 24.0km/h 124W 2:19:05
Galina Merzh 23.9km/h 138W 2:19:50
Lauren Barnard 23.5km/h 135W 2:22:03
Christine H. 23.5km/h 106W 2:22:12
Louisa Pickering 23.5km/h 116W 2:22:16
Kiki B. 23.1km/h 136W 2:24:14
Megs Tiedemann 22.5km/h 157W 2:28:11
Jen Wilka 22.4km/h 108W 2:28:56
Elle Anderson 22.3km/h 144W Powermeter 2:29:22
Big Thighs 22.3km/h - 2:29:34
Abby B. 22.3km/h - 2:29:51
Katie Evans 22.2km/h 134W 2:30:09
Maggie Hott 21.8km/h 118W 2:32:46
morgana rosenberg 21.8km/h 129W 2:32:59
Alyssa McKee 21.8km/h 118W 2:33:22
Nicole R. 21.7km/h - 2:33:27