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San Gregorio to West Alpine Summit (LKHC)

Ride Segment Half Moon Bay, CA
  • 23.9km
  • 3%
    Avg Grade
  • 16m
    Lowest Elev
  • 724m
    Highest Elev
  • 708m
    Elev Difference
  • 814 Attempts By 526 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Clark Foy 27.0km/h 302W 53:01
Tracy C. 26.8km/h 292W 53:24
Carl N. 26.5km/h 336W 53:59
Rob M. 26.3km/h 338W 54:31
Rich B. 26.2km/h 300W 54:36
Kieran Sherlock 26.0km/h 274W Powermeter 55:07
Tim C. 25.9km/h 281W 55:22
Chris F. 25.7km/h 297W Powermeter 55:42
Jaruś ّ. 25.6km/h 271W Powermeter 56:00
Morgan R. 25.6km/h 283W 56:03
Daryl S. 25.5km/h 227W 56:11
Ciaran B. 25.3km/h 308W 56:40
James P. 25.3km/h 290W Powermeter 56:40
Rich H. 25.3km/h 272W 56:41
Spencer Collom 25.1km/h 275W 56:59
Brian Schuster 25.0km/h 251W 57:13
Dennis N. 24.8km/h 305W Powermeter 57:51
Dai H. 24.7km/h 247W 58:03
Jason Thompson 24.5km/h 271W Powermeter 58:31
Mark K. 24.4km/h 265W 58:46

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Lisa P. 22.8km/h 211W 1:02:50
Katelyn C. 22.8km/h 226W 1:02:57
Alessandra S. 21.9km/h - 1:05:29
Amy C. 21.5km/h 182W 1:06:45
Ginger K. 21.4km/h 213W Powermeter 1:06:51
Linda Jackson 21.4km/h 203W 1:06:55
Ashley F. 20.5km/h 212W 1:09:46
Winnie B. 20.1km/h 180W 1:11:23
Megan Guarnier 19.7km/h - 1:12:36
Martina L. 19.7km/h 177W 1:12:38
Lisa Emmerich 19.5km/h 200W 1:13:16
Sandra K. 19.1km/h 184W 1:15:01
Diane Hayford 18.4km/h 227W 1:17:54
Stacy S. 18.2km/h 153W Powermeter 1:18:34
Kate Mc Shane U. 17.4km/h 181W 1:22:11
Sophie Ballo 17.2km/h 150W 1:23:04
Nicole R. 17.1km/h - 1:23:43
Joan Deitchman 16.7km/h 163W Powermeter 1:25:40