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Steady Soquel San Jose downhill

Ride Segment Los Gatos, CA
  • 2.5km
  • -6%
    Avg Grade
  • 229m
    Lowest Elev
  • 379m
    Highest Elev
  • 150m
    Elev Difference
  • 7,765 Attempts By 2,708 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
freddie rodriguez 76.1km/h 483W 2:00
mark fuss 76.1km/h 178W 2:00
Stefano P. 76.1km/h 503W 2:00
Laurens ten Dam 75.5km/h 458W 2:01
Russ C. 74.9km/h - 2:02
Ian Boswell 74.3km/h 20W Powermeter 2:03
Jasper Stuyven 74.3km/h 68W Powermeter 2:03
marc de maar 74.3km/h 95W Powermeter 2:03
Joe Dombrowski 73.7km/h 111W Powermeter 2:04
Miles W. 73.7km/h 485W 2:04
Nils T. 73.7km/h 391W 2:04
Rob M. 73.7km/h 439W 2:04
mike mccloskey 73.7km/h 378W 2:04
John B. 73.1km/h 495W 2:05
Tim Aiken 73.1km/h 622W 2:05
Freddy Markham 73.1km/h 209W 2:05
Bacon B. 73.1km/h 352W 2:05
Guss Gambino 73.1km/h 454W 2:05
Hans H. 72.5km/h 273W 2:06
Erik Fetch 72.5km/h 420W 2:06

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Laura S. 70.8km/h 586W 2:09
Kimberly S. 69.7km/h 134W Powermeter 2:11
Cv D. 68.7km/h - 2:13
Rita J. 68.2km/h 605W 2:14
Katrin Tobin 68.2km/h 325W 2:14
Jennifer Alkire-Green 67.7km/h 203W 2:15
Brittany Bolen 67.7km/h 512W 2:15
Sophie Ballo 67.7km/h 479W 2:15
Mirella T. 67.7km/h 335W 2:15
Kirsten M. 66.7km/h 351W 2:17
Janeen McCrae 66.7km/h 292W 2:17
Sylvia Steinbach 66.7km/h 403W 2:17
Kelsey Withrow 66.7km/h - 2:17
samantha vroomen 66.7km/h 499W 2:17
Aracelly Macko 66.2km/h 406W 2:18
Marty Scott 66.2km/h - 2:18
Jill L. 65.7km/h 351W 2:19
Michele Heaton 65.7km/h 122W Powermeter 2:19
Debra P. 65.2km/h - 2:20