2020 Year in Sport Photo Contest
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2020 Year in Sport Photo Contest
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Your best photos of the year could win you a Garmin Forerunner 745 or Edge 1030 Plus, Jaybird headphones and more.

This year we’ve all been challenged in new ways. While races slipped away and motivation ebbed and flowed, we’ve done what athletes do best: persevered. It might not have been the year any of us planned but we sure deserve to look back and give ourselves some kudos – to celebrate every backyard adventure, socially distanced run and virtual race medal. 

This year’s photo contest we’re inviting you to do that – to take a look back through your albums and show us the creativity a few months spent indoors has sparked. 

Whether they were taken two meters from your door or 2000 miles from home we want to see your best photos.

How to Enter

Submissions are open between November 5th and December 7th 2020 and you can enter a maximum of one photo per category.

From a mouth full of dirt to the post-workout zombie stare, sport leaves its mark on our faces. Show us the photos that captured sport up close and personal this year.
Mud. Dirt. Trail. Sand. Gravel. Grass. Snow. The softer, the messier and the further off the beaten track, the better. Show us where you went to escape this year.
From ascending beautiful mountain switchbacks to pounding the sidewalk in pursuit of a PR we all know the feeling of testing our limits on pavement. Show us where the roads took you this year.
The Prizes

The three category winners will each receive:
- Their choice of a Garmin Forerunner 745 or Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
- A 1-year subscription to Strava

The three category runners up will each receive:
- A pair of Jaybird headphones
- A 1-year subscription to Strava

Twenty-four notable entries will receive:
- Strava branded gear

The Judges

We’re really excited to have an incredible panel helping choose the winners this year. The judging lineup is:

Chris Burkard
Award-winning photographer known for outdoor, travel, adventure and surf photography.
Jason Suarez
New-york based photographer who captures elite runners around the world.
Pauline Ballet
Paris-based photographer specializing in cycling and international sports events.
Jojo Harper
National Geographic award-winning photographer specializing in visual storytelling from within the pro peloton.
Sho Fujimaki
Japanese outdoor photographer specializing in trail running photography.
Looking for inspiration?

Check out the winning photos from last year.

Entry Criteria
  • Entrant must be 18 years or older

  • Photographs must have been shot by the entrant on or after January 1st 2020

  • Entrant must have a Strava profile

  • Entrant must have full copyright rights to all photos submitted

  • Entrant must be a resident of one of the following countries: the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, the United States excluding Rhode Island, the Netherlands, Canada excluding Quebec, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Brazil (the contest does not open in Brazil until November 24th 2020).

Read the official rules.