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Liberty Ridge FKT - 9hrs 11min - w/ Nick and Colin

Backcountry Ski
  • 35.9km
  • 3,821m
  • 7:03:41
    Moving Time


  1. Gabe O'Leary

    What a time! way to get after it in the nice weather

  2. Corie Townsend

    Nice!!!! So rad!!!

  3. Andy Dorais

    Nice! Jason and I are probably headed up there in a couple days. Hoping to repeat your day. You think Lib Ridge might be skiable currently?

  4. Eric Carter

    Andy Dorais definitely was today! Should be doable for a bit longer I suspect.

  5. Eric Carter

    Gabe O'Leary thanks! Gotta take advantage of the snowpack when we can!

  6. Eric Carter

    Corie Townsend 🤘