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Summit push is on! Today to 23k. Felt so strong. Follow us here and on Snap - everestnofilter

  • 4.8mi
  • 2,119ft
  • 1:24:37
    Moving Time
  • 33:11/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 894


  1. Paul McBlaine

    Love the pics! Stay positive!! Almost there!!😎

  2. Rachel D.

    Absolutely incredible! Awesome! Love following you on Strava :-)

  3. Andrew H.

    Good luck!

  4. Choc T.

    No segments on Everest? Live the dream. Kudos to you.

  5. Hairy Reams

    Good luck stay safe

  6. Amoghavarsha Ⓥ.

    Good luck team!

  7. Louise Brown

    Just awesome!!!! 😎

  8. Aaron Pamei

    Awesome. Godspeed!

  9. Philipp Schilcher

    you can do it! give it your all but be smart.

  10. Chadd A.

    I once dialed up my altitude simulator to 23000 ft and breathed through the mask for 15 min while watching TV. When I took off the mask and got off the couch I fell flat on my face. So glad your sharing this experience with all of us on Strava.

  11. Gordon R Britton Jr

    AB great photos! Sooo much fun following your adventure. Best of luck

  12. Gary R.

    Awesome dedication safe push yo tha summit n thsnks for sharing your adventure with us

  13. Mak Dhinsa

    Be safe guys

  14. Tolga Dorken

    Stay safe and while you're there, can you please check if hillary's step is still there or not. Huge controversy going on about it :)

  15. Pablo Pont Vergés

    Congrats for what you did up to now! Stay safe !

  16. Ronald Nicol

    All the very best to you all. Amazing pictures thank you for sharing.

  17. Damien C.

    Come on guys, thank you so much for sharing the journey ! All the best for your summit push, stay safe.

  18. Aisha Murphy

    Amazing pictures !!

  19. Skeeter S.

    Good luck.

  20. francelia Sansone

    Awesome pictures !

  21. Jonny Hamill

    Do it for manchester team!!! Good luck!

  22. Anna S.

    Great pics, you guys look strong

  23. Anna S.

    Be safe

  24. Mark Havard

    All the best! You got this

  25. Sio hill

    Rooting for ya.

  26. Donnie Meister

    Stay Strong Brothers! Great for you guys! Best Wishes for all you guys!

  27. Laura Russo

    Best of luck! 💕🦄👌

  28. Kathy Russell

    Great pix! You got this! All the hard work is gonna pay off!

  29. Marlei Cioffi Aitken

    Loving following your adventure! Thank you for sharing it and stay safe

  30. Chris Ritvo

    Congrats man!!