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06/03/2012 Calaveras, Sierra Road, Welch Creek Road, Sunol, CA

  • 53.7mi
  • 5,860ft
  • 4:48:31
    Moving Time
  • 1,792
  • 222
    Suffer Score


  1. Erb B.
    Erb B.

    Great job to both you and harry. You guys are awesome! I want to ride that road sometime and now i have a better idea after looking at your ride profile .....nice,)

  2. Jenell B.
    Jenell B.

    You could do this climb much better than I Erb, but it would be tough even for the best of them I assure you! Alan would be happy to take you up it he likes to suffer!

  3. Roger V.
    Roger V.

    Anybody who does Welch Creek gets Kudos squared. It is not for the faint of heart. Nice work by you and your group.

  4. Joey G.
    Joey Giva / FSB Cycling Team

    Very nice Jenell!!! Something that not many cyclists can do. Great job!!!

  5. Donna  H.
    Donna H.

    You crazy woman!!! But you know you'll be back lol Awesome job my friend.

  6. Plant Fuel©  J.
    Plant Fuel© J.

    Great job Jenell. Such a challenging route!

  7. Jenell B.
    Jenell B.

    Hey Roger thanks for the kudos! Tough day! Need recovery!
    Hey Donna, your probably right I would like to go back and try it a little fresher in the day!

  8. Lisa M.
    Lisa McDonald

    sounds like you and your bike have a love...hate relationship.