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7 Peaks 1200 Attempt - Day 4

  • 187.3km
  • 1,353m
  • 7:00:27
    Moving Time
  • 3,985


  1. David L.
    David L.

    Congrats - Inspirational riding

  2. James B.
    James Brinkhoff

    unreal 1200! better get this added to the audax calendar!

  3. South P.
    South P.

    Impressive... time to go pro!

  4. Joel N.
    Joel Nicholson

    Professional idiot?

  5. Tavis B.
    Tavis Baker

    impressive, what was this about, just another box ticked off?

  6. Sarah C.
    Sarah Chaplin

    20,000 Strava K's rolled over - top year Joel!!!! Going for the quarter million vertical?

  7. Matt F.
    Matt Fletcher

    Unreal dude. (Freak!)

  8. Matthew W.
    Matthew W.

    It would be awesome to see your strava heat map!

  9. Roy J.
    Roy Jenkins

    I don't want to see it. Joel's Victoria is all red and the other states aren't far behind. My heat map is vaguely red around my local stamping ground. (within 10 km that is)

  10. Roy J.
    Roy Jenkins

    By the way.........fantastic as well.