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Jeffrey Friedl

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • 32
    Activities in 2019
  • 1,064.8
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 229

Disappointing Race Debut: Second-to-Last Place )-:

Ride May 27, 2017
  • 152.1km
  • 2,196m
  • 7:12:05
    Moving Time
  • 4,950
  • 244
    Relative Effort
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  1. Gorm Kipperberg
    Gorm Kipperberg

    Didn't you do TT with Salvo?

  2. Jeffrey Friedl
    Jeffrey Friedl

    It's mentioned in the activity description

  3. Gorm Kipperberg
    Gorm Kipperberg

    I see. You rode to Miyama to do a 6k time trial. That is a heck of a warm up. :-)

  4. Gorm Kipperberg
    Gorm Kipperberg

    8k, I guess. What was your average speed for the TT?

  5. Jeffrey Friedl
    Jeffrey Friedl

    The strava segment says 35.5kph. Half of the course was slightly uphill (2.5%) into a strong wind, and half was the return. We were doing a steady 50kph during the return, but that's where Andy+Ionut really pulled ahead of us (according to Strava's compare-effort tool). I did an average of 32kph for my last 180km loop around Biwako, so I'm a bit perplexed as to what happened yesterday. I felt strong, and put out 330 watts as I wanted to. Maybe I was just super-duper un-aero. I dunno.

  6. Iwbmattkyt 🐺.
    Iwbmattkyt 🐺.

    You will undestand more after an intense power meter usage. Compairing the data is a good thing. Would you like to watch mine, Andy's and you power fluctuation?Drafting, Switching, and full power on the turns. I am still a beginner so don't know to many but to mantain a continuous power level vs intervals atacks... the results would be different. Also, the weight is an important thing. With the same power I think a lighter rider will get faster. Hope this comment will be useful and don't take it meany. Me and Andy we did as a team a better result than our individual times.

  7. Iwbmattkyt 🐺.
    Iwbmattkyt 🐺.

    I've learned that TT races are the true about your capacity. No luck, no advantages but full power and control.

  8. Ash R.
    Ash R.

    Good motivation for three next one. Congratulations.

  9. Andy Pants
    Andy Pants

    Ionut makes some good points here. The TT is truly the race against yourself and the clock. The result is the result. Just finishing is an accomplishment. As is the bravery of pinning a goddamn number on your back. One thing to be aware of is how you train. Just doing long endurance riding won't really help you when you need to put out high intensity power. Doing real drills where you keep yourself over you FTP again and again and again...(for 20-40 times) is where you start to build your higher end output AND your ability to keep doing it again and again (see above). Take some pride in the fact that you finished the race. And that you now have a new goal for your cycling experience.Use that power meter you have and your new indoor trainer to develop your high end output. Spend more time doing FTP+ intervals. Subscribe to a service or hire a coach to help you get the results you want. Start a journal (not a blog, a personal journal that you never share with anyone because it keeps all your training secrets) and make a list of the short term and long term goals you want to achieve. Make sure you have stages that are achievable soon and some that you won't smash for a little bit.

  10. Jeffrey Friedl
    Jeffrey Friedl

    Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement and advice.


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