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Warning: stealing Gernot's routes may be hazardous to your health. Unless you're a badass. Then your health/endurance will benefit!! Thanks pal!! #23 of 2017! #garminsucks

  • 140.5mi
  • 6,910ft
  • 8:41:35
    Moving Time
  • 4,476
  • 313
    Relative Effort


  1. Renea I.

    Wow impressive mileage, elevation & you got a QOM! Nice!

  2. Dick Kuhn

    Fun route, ride a variation with Rex, friend who lives there.

  3. Aaron Arnette


  4. Carol Beliveau

    Thanks Renae, was a really fun, chill day - much needed!! Dick, yes, love love love the Piedmont! This route was spectacular but NO water stops for hours...we had to get creative!!! Thanks Aaron!!

  5. Carol Beliveau

    Saz - beautiful indeed!! As you'll soon get to see!!

  6. Tom Hewitt

    Awesome, CB

  7. Steve Lundberg

    You are a badass!

  8. Carol Beliveau

    Haha, thanks gentlemen. Just me and Stanton, was a very nice day. That Bynum walking bridge was super cool.

  9. Dick Kuhn

    Carol, had same issue with no water on solo century Sat week ago from Longwood SC with only 1st country store at 27 miles open. Three others I used had shut down.