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Lower Paia Park - Haleakala

  • 36.5mi
  • 10,300ft
  • 4:13:27
    Moving Time
  • 3,362


  1. Ewoud D.

    Wow, 60 km at 5%, that's a looong way. I hope you had a massage on that 20' break.

  2. Wade Wegner

    Awesome, this is a dream ride!!

  3. Cosmo Catalano

    Could have used a massage. I was in a hurry to get going and forgot hex keys. Definitely didn't have the saddle set back as far as I wanted.

    It's a great ride, Wade. Might do it again sometime, starting earlier in the day and stopping for water more.

  4. Joe Rauch

    So how is the climb for those who might have it on their bucket list? Lessons learned?

  5. Cosmo Catalano

    Definitely get the route into your GPS device if you can. Not too many forks, but it was great not to have to think about it, especially when clouds obscured the road.

    Bring money to pay the ranger at the gate to the park. Even on a bike, it's $5.

    I could have used another bottle (went with 2x22oz, 1x26oz) or better yet, a hydration pack. No public water or stores between ~3000ft and ~7000ft at the national park. I rode about half that without water. Not fun.

    It's obvious, but if you're renting, do a ride on your bike beforehand to make sure the position is dialed. I didn't do that in an effort to accommodate the rest of my vacation schedule. That was a dumb mistake.

    I slightly regret not riding down, but it's a long, long way, and cold at first. If you're riding down, I'd recommend trying to pack an LS base layer/gloves somewhere dry to throw on before starting the descent, and don't mess around longer than a minute or two at the summit. I only had to ride down about 100ft (of vertical) to a second parking lot, and that got me shivering. It was mid 80s on the beach, in the 40s at the top.

    Also, the for-real summit has a totally rideable sidewalk leading to it. Don't settle for the end of the road—it's still below 10,000 ft.

  6. Nick Leger

    looks like i rode this a week before you! I also regret not riding down, but got hit with a rain / sleet storm at 9000. Hypothermia set in once i got to the summit visitors center, no way i could ride down but got dropped off around 3000 ft to descend into Paia. Like you said, lack of water once you hit 7000 becomes a huge issue. also the final 2k gets ridiculously cold. its really best done with someone meeting you to give you the proper thermal gear for the top. A vest and long sleeve base layer was not sufficient for me. There's always next year. Congrats on the great ride

  7. Wade Wegner

    I need to book tickets and do this ride!