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Domane rides 7 hills of kirkland solo

  • 106.7mi
  • 6,035ft
  • 6:55:50
    Moving Time
  • 3,795


  1. T R.
    T Riley

    Your kit says it all: "Giant!" Nice ride and apologies for my faulty knees making you ride solo.

  2. T R.
    T Riley

    Wow. Look at all those PRs! I can't imagine what would have been if you hadn't gained all that weight. LOL! You're becoming such a strong rider. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hariharan R.
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    T Riley thank you, the last year timing was way low easy to take PRs :P. Also I am waiting for the mountain goats kit :) it was a good call to rest and wait for the knees to recover and you should be back soon.

  4. Anitha B.
  5. Niranjan P.
    Niranjan Prabhakar

    New bike? I remember a different one last year :)

  6. Venki R.
    Venki Ramanathan

    Awesome ride Hari.

  7. Dave G.
    Dave G.

    Way to go Hari -- pretty impressive what you can do when untethered from the old men...

  8. Hariharan R.
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    Niranjan Prabhakar yes this is Trek domane sl6. Still have my 3 year old Fuji

  9. Hariharan R.
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    Venki Ramanathan Anitha Bagyam thank you

  10. Hariharan R.
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    Dave Gartenberg thank you, missed you both in the ride, we could have gone a bit more as a team

  11. Somu P.
    somu peri

    Good stuff dude. I was downloading pictures and thought I saw you ...

  12. Hariharan R.
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    somu peri thank you, I saw you also did solo , we should ride with together sometime maybe flying wheels or Chelan

  13. Somu P.
    somu peri

    Flying wheels 😋 see you there at 6 am

  14. Hariharan R.
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    Yes will be there at 6am