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Domane rides 7 hills of kirkland solo

  • 106.7mi
  • 6,035ft
  • 6:55:50
    Moving Time
  • 3,795
  • 754
    Relative Effort


  1. Tim R.

    Your kit says it all: "Giant!" Nice ride and apologies for my faulty knees making you ride solo.

  2. Tim R.

    Wow. Look at all those PRs! I can't imagine what would have been if you hadn't gained all that weight. LOL! You're becoming such a strong rider. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hariharan Ragunathan

    T Riley thank you, the last year timing was way low easy to take PRs :P. Also I am waiting for the mountain goats kit :) it was a good call to rest and wait for the knees to recover and you should be back soon.

  4. Niranjan Prabhakar

    New bike? I remember a different one last year :)

  5. Venki Ramanathan

    Awesome ride Hari.

  6. Dave G.

    Way to go Hari -- pretty impressive what you can do when untethered from the old men...

  7. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Niranjan Prabhakar yes this is Trek domane sl6. Still have my 3 year old Fuji

  8. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Venki Ramanathan Anitha Bagyam thank you

  9. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Dave Gartenberg thank you, missed you both in the ride, we could have gone a bit more as a team

  10. somu peri

    Good stuff dude. I was downloading pictures and thought I saw you ...

  11. Hariharan Ragunathan

    somu peri thank you, I saw you also did solo , we should ride with together sometime maybe flying wheels or Chelan

  12. somu peri

    Flying wheels 😋 see you there at 6 am

  13. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Yes will be there at 6am