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Night Hike

  • 11.1mi
  • 2,064ft
  • 1:21:48
    Moving Time
  • 1:28:51/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,892


  1. The Bull M.

    Well done Cory

  2. Jeremi B

    Incredible! Congrats! I've never even considered something like this until I trekked to base camp last month. Now I'm completely intrigued. You guys are amazing!

  3. Graham Humphries

    Amazing what you are doing

  4. Darren Milburn

    From initially turning back without O's you reached deep within your sole and found the courage and the solution in order continue on and support AB. That's a strength, not a weakness! Kudos!!

  5. Drew P.

    Amazing work!!!

  6. Clark Corbin

    Way to go Cory!

  7. Ben Lee

    This is so awesome and massive congrats!!

  8. Zorba Z.

    You guys are amazing

  9. Mike Taylor

    Nice work Cory. Admire your dedication and am impressed with your decision to continue the summit push with supplemental oxygen

  10. Semeer Keshav

    Great stuff wow 😳 10 out of 10

  11. Peter Balding

    Congrats man! Those snapchats were awesome!

  12. Mal P.

    Speechless. Just amazing.

  13. Fran Coetzee

    Congratulation Corey. Your feat is so inspiring. Patience and expertise paid off.

  14. Attila Stickl

    Well done!

  15. Kai Uwe M.

    Amazing! Great to see that you came back save!

  16. Andrew Micek

    You are very inspiring

  17. Ahmet Ziya Mortaş

    1.000.000 kudos would not be enough for this activity, inspirational!,please for give me giving only one kudos 😊

  18. John Z.

    Hi Cory. I reached the summit from the south side about 2 hours before you. With ox which makes all the difference. Couldn't imagine doing it without. Well done. Btw, noticed strava didn't get the altitude at the summit or timing right for you also. Painful given you want a good record of it. Magnificent achievement. Jz