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Chris Dailey

Gorham, New Hampshire
  • 102
  • 773.6
    miles Run
  • 167

"Hill Repeats" Actual Mileage 30.4, 15,025' gained (AMC White Mountain Guide)

Run June 3, 2017
  • 28.4mi
  • 14,364ft
  • 11:36:04
    Moving Time
  • 24:29/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,031
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  1. Jesse M.

    What loop was this ? Great looking run

  2. Chris Dailey

    Kept going up to Madison Spring Hut using Valley Way, Airline, and some other side trails connecting those two (Upper Bruin & Scar)

  3. Jesse M.

    Yea, looks like a mental beatdown good run

  4. Chris Dailey

    Thanks! It was exhausting but a blast, the weather above treeline was nasty so I had to stay lower than I wanted!

  5. Tim Lucia

    Awesome! What was the "winning" vertical gained today?

  6. Chris Dailey

    Will not know for a few days, I'm thinking there will be a couple who topped 15,000 feet of gain!

  7. Lauren Eastman

    Yikes! What a day! Impressive!!

  8. Chris Dailey

    Thanks, Lauren! :)

  9. Larisa Elaine Dannis

    I swear you're part mountain goat. So nice to share a few miles today! Man was it raw out there.

  10. Chris Dailey

    Hey, right back at you. I marvel at your uphill abilities, extremely impressive! What an adventure out there today and great catching up with you :)

  11. Louise Gosselin

    Magnifique sortie! Beaucoup de dénivelé... bravo!