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DK200. Holy shitballs. 3rd! SO DESTROYED NOW

  • 207.0mi
  • 9,026ft
  • 10:48:57
    Moving Time
  • 10,919


  1. Kris Pederson


  2. Jeff Ronne

    stellar ride, I am not surprised that you are trashed, I would say you are in excellent shape, btw strava documents what is possible, thx for sharing, you got a KOM, 19.1 MPH and 7 minutes of stop time, 200+ miles, 9k+ of climbing, is this your toughest ride of the year ? it does not get much tougher for a single day ride

  3. B P.

    Beyond Epic! Great Race!!

  4. Colin Jordan

    What, no mid- ride selfies? Do you even know how Strava works?

  5. Dylan Jones

    Awesome job menso, I was following the tracker!

  6. Menso de Jong

    Of the year? Are you kidding? Toughest ever

  7. Pat McGroin

    Dang dude.

  8. Jeff Ronne

    @menso certainly beyond what I would ever attempt , 19.1 MPH with climbing and distance is great, for a one day event this might be the toughest, I follow some people that do multi day efforts like San Diego to San Francisco on a three day weekend minimal sleep and lots of cycling https://www.strava.com/activities/999751959 https://www.strava.com/activities/1011997779

  9. Leopold P.

    Holy crap dude, amazing pace!!! Looks like there was no time to rest!!! Impressive1

  10. Brian Lucido

    Kudos! How on earth does a pace like that earn 3rd? Saw you were practically 2nd.

  11. Brian Lucido

    What percentage dirt?

  12. Nick Presniakov

    Yeah dude

  13. Cory Davis

    Super job Menso!!!!

  14. Menso de Jong

    96% dirt. I was in second but was cramping super hard and didn't give a shit anymore and got passed in the last 100 feet.

  15. ç ß.

    Epic!!! Congrats

  16. Steve Hunt

    What is the nutrition/hydration like for an event like this?

  17. Menso de Jong

    3 aid stations only. I started with 3 bottles, and then picked up two fresh bottles plus a 70 oz camelbak refill at each aid station. I ate 10 or so clif/mojo bars, 10ish packages of shot bloks, and 10ish gels. In the first three hours I mostly had bars and then progressed to the bloks and gels. Also, I didn't have anything caffeinated until five hours in, so the caffeine really worked when I needed it.

  18. Miles LaMon

    CONGRATS!!! Soooo AWESOME!!!

  19. Zen T.

    Amazing work Menso, sounds you got into the right breakaway. Putting 30min into Ted King. Animal.

  20. Menso de Jong

    Ted flatted a few times, as did many other contenders. That's half the race at Kanza.

  21. Tick H.

    Holy shitballs is right! Congrats on an amazing effort!

  22. Amanda Nauman

    So proud of you, Menso! Way to crush it just like I knew you would!!! #Ninerd

  23. Menso de Jong

    recap: http://most-excellent-adventures.com/dirty-kanza-it-doesnt-get-any-easier/