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Comrades 2017 - 9th / 3rd Vet / 1st European - Possibly my best ever run.......certainly up there. Think I got the absolute best of myself today

  • 54.2mi
  • 5,512ft
  • 5:48:21
    Moving Time
  • 6:27/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,918


  1. Peter G.

    Great result Steve, well done!

  2. John Hannan

    Jacques Kriel.. is this why you're in SA?

  3. John Hannan

    Epic run Steve!! Class!!

  4. Rav Panesar

    Unbelievably brilliant, massive congratulations!

  5. Evan Bond

    Well done Steve. A gold medal at Comrades is no mean feat! Saffers know ultra running! How was Polly's? Not what you want after 50miles of hills! This is one tough ultra!

  6. Mark S.


  7. Paul Cook

    Well done Steve.

  8. Mike K.

    Nice one. Great run. Good to see you're bs into your best :) 👍

  9. Melissa S.

    Incredible Steve!

  10. Gareth Boyd

    Amazing Steve !!

  11. niall gardiner

    Wow 😲 awesome running

  12. James Cassidy

    Amazing Steve, what an achievement!

  13. John Sandhu

    Amazing run and superb result!

  14. Stephen McAlpine

    Stunning. Followed you on the Comrades app. Such a consistent pace.

  15. Fi C.

    Brilliant, great result, I just heard them announce your result on the live stream. Congrats on a great run!

  16. Thomas C.

    Incredible run, well done :-)

  17. Ricky Johnson

    Watched the YouTube feed - you looked a tad happy at the end! Brilliant run, well done.

  18. Simon Denson

    Congratulations - a great run and I'm sure a great feeling!

  19. Lord Didsbury

    We'll done. Ave a cigar.

  20. Alastair P.


  21. John Danahay

    After the recent injury and illness niggles you've mentioned on here even more astonishing - fantastic running!

  22. Tom P.

    Absolute master class in pacing Steve Way. Great effort to pick them off towards the end. Was watching the stream and you looked the most happy of the gold medalists when you finished! That is one tough ultra. Will you go back next year for the Back to Back?... you have to do it both ways to be a true Comrade apparently!

  23. Julian B.

    Fantastic result Steve! Well done.. great achievement...

  24. Melanie F.

    Huge congratulations, you looked great at the end, fab celebration!! X

  25. Peter Lawless

    Incredible run! Congrats on the well deserved gold medal finish

  26. Graham T.


  27. Craig W.

    Fantastic racing. Chapeau indeed.

  28. Adam H.

    Many Congratulations, Steve. A truly monumental achievement.

  29. Graham B.

    Fantastic job mate well done

  30. Paul R.

    Fantastic and amazing pacing. Enjoy that pint and cigar 👌

  31. Antonio Tavanti

    Congrats, really.

  32. Brian U.

    Fu@king awesome Steve truly world class. Great job flying the flag🇬🇧

  33. Tim Crick

    Congratulations Steve. Great run!

  34. Mark Street

    Epic congrats

  35. Drew C.


  36. Gary Qualter

    Brilliant run, congratulations. I watched you finish on the live stream. Still watching it now with the 12 hour cut-off approaching.

  37. Matthew A.

    Amazing Steve. Great running.

  38. Marcus Catlin

    Absolutely brilliant, congratulations Steve 👍

  39. Barry Trowbridge

    Seriously impressive stuff

  40. Paul Chapman

    Awesome Steve, enjoy the cold beers 🍻👍

  41. Howard Waller

    Fantastic run, superbly paced

  42. James Noakes

    Wow- amazing consistency over that distance and fantastic result

  43. Alan Bister

    Amazing effort Steve, first class running!

  44. adrian pugh

    Fantastic mate, smashed it out of the park

  45. Warren Donnelly

    Saw the video of you finishing, you looked to be on a massive high!! Great going, well done.

  46. Jonas Buud

    Fantastic run. UltraVasan next!!!

  47. Aaron Page


  48. Bruno Francisco

    Superb pacing, timed just right. Very pleased for you. In SA top 10 are immortalised forever.

  49. Clinton Grusd