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Comrades Up Run - Silver Medal! (5th US Finisher) Incredible race.

  • 54.3mi
  • 5,829ft
  • 7:12:18
    Moving Time
  • 7:58/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,232


  1. K S.
    K Sun

    amazing job man! congrats!

  2. Nick F.
    Nick F.

    Thanks! It was really challenging!

  3. M N.
    M Nectar


  4. Kim C.
    Kim C.

    Ahhh you did it! Congrats!!!

  5. Nick F.
    Nick F.

    Thanks! To you as well!! Looking forward to comparing notes!

  6. Richard T.
    Richard Thomason

    Great effort. Well done!!

  7. Henrik W.
    Henrik Westerlin

    Congrats Nick.

  8. Tony M.
    Tony M.

    Congrats Nick!

  9. Jason L.
    Jason L.

    Wow - nice work!!

  10. Allen L.
    Allen Lopez

    You put in the work all Winter and Spring. Congrats Nick.

  11. Edan R.
    Edan Rosenberg

    great run congrats!

  12. Matt C.
    Matt Cheney

    Absolutely crushed it! Congratulations on an amazing performance, Nick!

  13. Mick B.
    Mick Brown

    That's phenomenal, congrats! I did the 'up' run in 2013, looking forward to going back next year for the 'down' effort!

  14. Nick F.
    Nick F.

    Thanks, everyone! Definitely the biggest running challenge I've undertaken, and the reward of silver feels phenomenal. Mick Brown I'm planning to return next year for the back to back medal! I'm already excited.