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Choo-choo ride. Was supposed to be easy day but I just had to add the section open to ATVs.

  • 53.0mi
  • 1,345ft
  • 3:48:02
    Moving Time
  • 2,239


  1. A C.

    Looks fast af

  2. Doug Jansen

    It could be if it weren't for 15 miles of horse and ATV churned sand. I've done this loop several times now and every time I think not again. The ATV section is even hard with 2.35" tires. I bailed on multiple sections today with 35mm tires. Was like riding on the beach with cross bike.

  3. A C.

    Yeah missed your comments on the ride after I posted, your pic looks kinda buff

  4. Doug Reid

    It's too bad the section south of Fremont is so soft as this would be a great loop. As you said, makes for a miserable ride.

  5. Brandon I.

    Like the new car. I have a cross bike but everytime I ride it there is always a section where i wish i were on my hardtail....so I am selling it.

  6. Doug Jansen

    Sorry to hear that. My aging cross rig (with canti brakes) sees much use these days. There are so many great routes in western/central Mass, VT and NH that are perfect for a cross bike, too harsh for a road bike, and a MTB would be overkill. It does mean you have to put bike in car and drive a short distance to hit this ideal terrain. I'm looking to buy an updated cross/gravel bike with disc brakes bike this year.