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Cat 2 Big Bear Course

Ride June 4, 2017
  • 17.4mi
  • 1,804ft
  • 1:30:24
    Moving Time
  • 613
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  1. Isaiah C.

    You're a strong rider George Mota -RZ Racing ! You're entitled to a bad race here and there. No better way to train for a race, than by racing!

  2. Robert W.

    No worries George you got two more chances to crush Big Bear you got this!

  3. David L.

    Time to retire and lace up your trail shoes.

  4. Rene -.

    Hey but you made it look good!

  5. Dave S.

    Take a break & just ride for your soul for a few months. Than, comeback. Pick and choose races that suit you. Oh yeah, no indoor trainer.

  6. Steve Bohanan - Red Zone Racing

    That's Racing, occasionally stuff happens and you have to move past it. You're a seasoned rider, you'll bounce back.

  7. Isaiah C.

    George Mota -RZ Racing George, you riding Turnbull tonight?

  8. George Mota -RZ Racing/Tailwind Nutrition Ambassador

    Yea Isaiah Cervantes I'll be there

  9. Chris K.

    Check out the video of our race. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4QeITGBxAsk&feature=em-upload_owner

  10. George Mota -RZ Racing/Tailwind Nutrition Ambassador

    Nice video chris kutzmarski 👍