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12/27/2013 Solo into the wind up to San O

  • 97.1mi
  • 3,278ft
  • 5:45:46
    Moving Time
  • 3,539


  1. Jeff S.
    Jeff S.

    broke a front spoke near Trestles Beach so just turned around there. I was really looking forward to the coffee shop down on Pico and 10, but upside was I only had to use my lights for the last 5 miles or so. We'll see how the legs feel on tomorrow's club ride....

  2. Big F.
    Big Fred

    Is this the Stan's wheelset getting even with you for last month's offroad adventures? Or, expressing their displeasure at being replaced by the Fuji?

  3. Jeff S.
    Jeff S.

    Yah it's the stans wheelset, it has seen some real abuse lately. There's a small bridge near the clubs sprint point, off the saddle and giving it some flex I heard the PING. Popped it at the Jbend, wrapped it around a good spoke and opened up the caliper. Rode the 45 miles back home that way and not use the front brake for stop lights. Will throw on the Spinergy PBOs for tomorrow's ride, though the plush 35c tires on my CX bike does sound really good too