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Noon Ride - The Great OLH PR Hunt

  • 25.3mi
  • 2,898ft
  • 1:42:40
    Moving Time
  • 1,102
  • 100
    Relative Effort


  1. Tim C.

    Awesome - you're a 15'er now !!!

  2. Chris Phipps

    Dang, you took a KOM of mine I din't even know I had. Nice ride!

  3. Kenneth S.

    mission accomplished! i think you earned that pizza tonight

  4. Clark Foy

    Thanks guys. Chris, I'm not even sure what that strange OLH "full climb, eastside" segment is. All we really care about is "bridge to mailboxes"!

  5. Brian Lucido

    Awesome PRs, Clark!

  6. Cathy Foy


  7. Greg McQuaid

    So happy for you...sorry I was so useless with the initial pacing!

  8. Ronald Brunner

    BIG Congrats Clark! BTW....Have they fixed that road area leading up to the mailboxes? That is what has prevented me from getting a 15-min time.

  9. Rich B.


  10. Jay K.


  11. Leafy J.


  12. Carl Nielson

    Congrats Clark!

  13. Clark Foy

    Thanks everyone. Had a great pizza in the city with the family to celebrate OLH (and my daughter's graduation from high school) -- www.ragazzasf.com. Very. Full. Tummy.

  14. Ryan Sherlock

    Be ready in November and I'll do some pace setting for a for more PRs on it. Great riding!

  15. Kieran Sherlock

    Very nice. And you didn't even have to wait for a tailwind.