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extended roll in + unsuccessful limbo with dog leash

  • 26.8mi
  • 849ft
  • 1:35:40
    Moving Time
  • 875


  1. Mat B.
    Mat B.

    Stupid lady standing on one side of trail with stupid yipper dog hiding in weeds on other side of trail, I said good morning, she didn't say anything, sun was hiding the razor thin dog leash as it ripped across both arms, ouch!

  2. Mark C.
    Mark Connell

    😡 Not the way you wanted your Friday to begin 😕

  3. Mat B.
    Mat B.

    That's alright, it's a good story 😆

  4. Eric S.
    eric sundstrom

    Yikes! That stinks dude. Glad your okay😜.

  5. Mat B.
    Mat B.

    Thanks for your concern Eric, even though it happened on a BIKE TRAIL, Ahhh!!

  6. Chris C.
    Chris Cahill

    I'd love to see the dogs Strava feed. So I was out there taking a walk. Had to duck into the weeds for some business. Bam, next thing I know I'm flying through air.

  7. Mark C.
    Mark Connell

    I thought the same thing Chris Cahill 😃

  8. Mat B.
    Mat B.

    The dog might need a chiropractor...and a pet psychologist who'll prescribe an anti-anxiety pill that the (above mentioned) stupid lady will have to force-gag down the dog 3x/day before it goes out on the trail again 🤣

  9. Matt T P.
  10. Tim B.
    Tim B.

    Good thing it was only your arms