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Lawyers Have Heart 10K (It wasn't terribly hot!)

  • 6.3mi
  • 46:14
    Moving Time
  • 7:19/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 729


  1. Katie S.
    Katie Smith

    Do you know what your place was? Results seemed to include 5kers :/

  2. Julia T.
    Julia T.

    Katie Smith I hadn't looked at my place and am having problems pulling the results. Maybe they are fixing them?

  3. Katie S.
    Katie Smith

    I found mine, the site seems like it's only optimized for mobile so I used the gear to filter results. bit weird...

  4. Julia T.
    Julia T.

    Katie Smith Oh dear! It appears they got my age wrong and I won the 12-19 year old category! I've emailed them but I feel bad that the winner may not have received her award. :(

  5. Katie S.
    Katie Smith

    Ha! They will still mail her the award, But you have to admit that is kind of funny....