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Two flats - forgot to restart Strava, finished w JTR and Dean, what a day

  • 45.6mi
  • 2,584ft
  • 2:07:47
    Moving Time
  • 2,385


  1. Eduardo K.
    Eduardo K.

    I saw you bombing up Leviathan...awesome work except you made me feel bad about myself!

  2. Jon G.
    Jon G.

    Great ride today! Fun time chasing down the group with you.

  3. Jon T.
    Jon T.

    Nice job today Christoph, you hung in there

  4. Christoph O'Donnell

    Ted - was in a world of pain when I rode by you, sorry I wasn't coherent enough to say hi!

  5. Christoph O'Donnell

    JG - great riding with you, mission accomplished catching up, hope to see you on the roads again soon

  6. Christoph O'Donnell

    JTR same to you, bullet train Tuesday? :) not likely for me

  7. Jon T.
    Jon T.

    I'll Bullet on Tuesday.

  8. Christoph O'Donnell

    You and Nate are peer pressuring me into the bullet - ok I'm in, with low expectations