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Evening Ride

  • 18.8mi
  • 1,299ft
  • 1:08:59
    Moving Time
  • 853
  • 40
    Suffer Score


  1. Stuart F.

    Nice KOM, shame abt the Garmin being paused for Auchinleck :(

  2. Ally Hume

    Cheers, i know, would prov of been a wee double...

  3. Stuart F.

    Aye it would have been, next time 👍

  4. David Robinson

    Good kom - was that a sneaky attempt at the Auchinleck to Catrine segment too!?😀

  5. Ally Hume

    Just the Sorn Rd segment from the roundabout, 99.9% sure i beat it bit my Garmin was paused! 🙁

  6. David Robinson

    Bad luck

  7. Kevin O.

    Nice one.

  8. Ally Hume

    Cheers Kevin

  9. Kevin O.

    I imagine I'll get a few more email notifications over the summer.....don't put them too far out of reach, eh. Ha.

  10. Ally Hume

    Lol. Surprised myself with that one to be fair. Tough one to bag, 2014 that was set! 😮

  11. Kevin O.

    Yeah, not sure I'll be able to find my 2014 legs and another 7 seconds. Ha. You've set a good incentive, though. Best use that form and bag some more while you're at it.