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a bit tougher than expected

Ride June 10, 2017
  • 307.5km
  • 2,951m
  • 12:57:43
    Moving Time
  • 6,457
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  1. Oliver Wright

    Pictures on the blog looked amazing. Good job!

  2. Oliver Wright

    Happy with your 'training' so far?

  3. Adam E.

    Cracking 300 Gav. Beacon must have stung a bit.

  4. Gavin Peacock

    Oliver Wright thanks. was a really beautiful route, just a couple of short sections of main road to get between nice bits. training going good. two more 200s next weekend and then i'm done with big rides until the Transcon.

  5. Gavin Peacock

    Adam Ellingford yep, i may have had a swear or two. Scotland looked amazing!

  6. Adam E.

    Scotland was incredible. I'm not done gramming it yet 😀