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First taste of Skaggs

  • 55.3mi
  • 4,039ft
  • 3:10:12
    Moving Time
  • 3,137


  1. C H.

    Dude!! I hate Skaggs lol you are fast!! Nice work

  2. Alex Trevena

    Funny! Is it like that all the way out? Up and down up and down. Other than that seems like a good road. I only went out 6 miles. Took forever to get there with this damn wind

  3. C H.

    Yes it is like that all the way out I think is harder coming the other way, but for a rider like you Piece of cake

  4. Alex Trevena

    Whoa I don't know about that

  5. Tim N.

    Once you get to the old road it gets better. Less up and down Army Corp of Engineers-style road. Then it descends into the Gualala valley which is really special. There's an epic Rancheria Wall and two of the best decents in the county before you get to the coast. Let's do it in the next few weeks!

  6. Alex Trevena

    That sounds good Tim. The little I saw today was beautiful! I'm sure it only gets better

  7. Joe H.

    Lets do the Terrible 200k next weekend ;)

  8. Alex Trevena

    I would but I have this thing. 😂You know how that goes. Let's shoot for the bad little brother next year