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  • 77.3mi
  • 8,635ft
  • 4:51:28
    Moving Time
  • 4,199


  1. Doug Reid

    Wow! Nice one! I see guys with numbers; Was it a race or just a ride?

  2. Doug Jansen

    This was the gravel grinder part of the bit B2VT weekend. Not a race, although it felt an awful lot like a masters road race starting out. No times or results given for the grinder. 200+ did it.

  3. glen fraser

    Surprised at the many walkers on the hills. Some steep ones.

  4. Doug Jansen

    It was no faster riding that one pitch over walking, but riding it sure did some damage! Big hike planned today and I'm completely wrecked from that ride. Going to be interesting.

  5. glen fraser

    That steep pitch was full of riders ahead of me. I was the only one pedaling.

  6. Skip T.

    Awesome pics Doug - Glad you came up for the ride - Love that course

  7. Mark J.

    Road or Mountain bike shoes/pedals?

  8. Doug Jansen

    Definitely MTB. Some who walked in the muddy jeep road section couldn't clip back in with road cleats.