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C2C training - King of the Downs and a bit extra

  • 149.5mi
  • 10,696ft
  • 9:01:54
    Moving Time
  • 6,123
  • 359
    Relative Effort


  1. Noel O.

    Wow big big miles well done

  2. Michael T.

    Thanks for supporting our KotDs event Gary. Hope you liked the route.

  3. Dave Chalk

    Awesome ride Gary, how did you manage 54.8 max?

  4. Ian Kentsley

    I can't believe it's not 150.

  5. Gary Jones

    Ian Kentsley - my lesson is not letting your phone go flat as it posted the first 99% of the ride. It wasn't worth cycling round the pub to get the extra distance!!!!

  6. Steve N.

    Well done Gary!

  7. Neil Gorman

    Great distance.

  8. Jason B.

    Gary, I'm officially banking on you being the Super Domestique so I have 0% time on the front during Coast 2 Coast please :-)

  9. Malcolm F.

    Fantastic effort, C2C ready now!