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Had to cut the ride short by two climbs, Kellys and Cox, and head straight home. Oh well, next time I'll get all 15.

  • 109.4km
  • 2,706m
  • 5:33:42
    Moving Time
  • 3,429
  • 348
    Relative Effort


  1. Gary A.

    Well done Dave, massive day out there... good to see you got one in 👍

  2. Dan P.

    Yet another massive ride in tough conditions Dave. Thoughts are with you and Jen.

  3. Andrew P.

    Wow! Huge day out Dave, very well done!

  4. Ed "Cleatless" Ray

    Let's make those final two climbs "gimmies" and round up to 3000m! I think you've earned it!

  5. Dave Downes

    Thanks guys! It did feel nice to finally get out for a decent spin. Nice having all these hills at the doorstep :)

  6. Dave Downes

    Nah Ed, I'll call this "unfinished business" and do em all soon.

  7. Jeff de Koning

    Huge day out Dave, great that you can get one big one done.

  8. Dave Downes

    Thanks Jeff! It's nice to know that after not being able to ride much these last two months that I can still do these rides cuz I enjoy them. Mind you I am in slow gear when I do them :)