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Abandoned Morning Ride - gears packed up!

  • 1.0km
  • 16m
  • 5:31
    Moving Time
  • 32


  1. Mark Sturt

    😢 indeed Richard Holbrook

  2. Richard Holbrook

    If you ever do a long distance challenge in Europe such as pbp or sun.wixsite.com/chasethesun, let me know!

  3. Simon Lanyon

    They've probably done enough work this month.

  4. Mark Sturt

    Plan on PBP in 2019 Olly. If you want to do that with me I think you have to qualify on some Audax rides in 2018. A couple of 400 and 600 k rides. Simon - didn't use the gears that much as it was fairly flat. 😎

  5. James S.

    Oh no! I blame the firmware upgrade! If it ain't broke don't fix it 😜

  6. Bruce A.

    What happened to the gears?

  7. Mark Sturt

    Don't know Bruce. All fully charged but they just won't shift. Front or back! Taking it in to M1 tomorrow. Taking out ol' faithful in the morning with Mark

  8. Bruce A.

    Sounds like a loose connection. Check all the plugs

  9. Suzanne Holbrook

    PBP was sounding great until see it's got to be done under 90 hours!!
    #thought this was the cycle touring trip we're all planning!! 😉

  10. Mark Sturt

    90 hours is really 4 days Zanne. Only 300 per day which is easy 😳

  11. Bruce A.

    How many kms did you end up riding on the Smiddy?

  12. Mark Sturt

    1640 km as we lost some from Katherine to the outskirts of Darwin. Made up some too by riding to the Gorge and a long way round into Darwin. Actually worked out better 😃

  13. Bruce A.

    Nice riding😀