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Pre ride, ride

Ride June 16, 2017
  • 3.8mi
  • 622ft
  • 50:46
    Moving Time
  • 267
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  1. Darren Watson
    Darren Watson

    Nice one Holly a couple of KOMs over poldice 👊

  2. Holly Caddy
    Holly Caddy

    Cheers Darren Watson time to move on to another line now 😂

  3. Darren Watson
    Darren Watson

    Have you done grogley bishops it's a bit closer ? & not do loose

  4. Holly Caddy
    Holly Caddy

    Darren Watson I've done it once or twice but on a hardtail, I quite like the terrain at Poldice, reminds me of my dirtbike days, but it's so dry there at the moment it's quite slippery

  5. Darren Watson
    Darren Watson

    👍. The only things for me is I don't bounce that much now & poldice bites when you have an off lol

  6. Holly Caddy
    Holly Caddy

    Darren Watson it looks vicious for crashing. I've been wearing full body armour but it's so feckin hot!

  7. Darren Watson
    Darren Watson

    Yeh it was today & well done with the armour, I had an off at poldice then went & brought the armour only used it once it's fucking hot lol

  8. Holly Caddy
    Holly Caddy

    Was there for 9am today to try and avoid the sun 😂 ah I was the same "I'll be fine" mentality then cheese grated my knee so thought it best to wear some Darren Watson

  9. Darren Watson
    Darren Watson

    Pmsl. Take care & see you on the trails 😜


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