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Lunch Ride - Very abrupt end !

  • 29.3km
  • 505m
  • 1:05:47
    Moving Time
  • 759
  • 51
    Suffer Score


  1. A A.
    A A.

    Oucha! Was that HR spike the hill or the crack?

  2. Deepfried M.
    Deepfried M.

    Holy shit!! How olds the frame??

  3. Shana Young

    Crap! Did that just happen?

  4. Peter Beatty

    Andy - think I'd been gunning it up the hill I crashed on the back of ...

  5. A A.
    A A.

    Crash... trust you're ok?

  6. Tom C.
    Tom C.

    That'll buff out...

  7. Peter Beatty

    Ruth / Shana - yep, today. 10 months old. Will speak nicely to Merida !

  8. Peter Beatty

    Andy - okay apart from a few unfortunately placed grazes

  9. Deepfried M.
    Deepfried M.

    Feck. Presume u haven't twatted it?

  10. Garry  R.
    Garry R.

    A bit of sleek round it and she'll be right mate

  11. Gordon McLeay

    Oh no!

  12. Lancelot Spratt

    Have considered buying a proper bike

  13. Mark H

    Oh dear.

  14. Gillian Godfree

    Woops, hope you're OK!

  15. Gordon Stewart

    Doh! Looks expensive!