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Drag my fat arse over some slopes.

  • 94.0mi
  • 6,414ft
  • 5:41:09
    Moving Time
  • 4,344
  • 411
    Suffer Score


  1. Tanya Lewis Z.
    Tanya Lewis Z.

    Fantastic I've yet to do porlock! I've done in lynmouth a few times

  2. Adrian H.
    Adrian H.

    It hurts well a little!!! That's my longest ride for a long time and certainly noticed it. Was a bit chilly across the top and down Lynmouth. Red bull lot were down setting up for Steeplechase Sunday.

  3. Tanya Lewis Z.
    Tanya Lewis Z.

    Just goes to show u got I there! Book that full :)

  4. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    Great ride 👍🏻

  5. Adrian H.
    Adrian H.

    Need to try marathon before do a full.

  6. Clive F.
    Clive Franklin (SRC)

    nice one bud..

  7. Mark D.
    Mark D.

    Cracking ride fella!

  8. Rob H.
    Rob H.

    Bloody cyclists holding up the traffic😤. Great miles mucker.

  9. Iain G.
    Iain Garside

    Very impressive Adrian, I thought you hated hills, maybe you do after that!

  10. Adrian H.
    Adrian H.

    Wasn't me holding the traffic up!!!!!
    Was the old boy only doing 40 down round devils elbow. I still hate hills Iain, but have a go.